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Bespoke solutions from global experts

Manage With Knowledge was founded by knowledge management, communications and education specialists Dr John P Wilson and Carolyn Ong to fill a significant gap in the field of KM … the packaging of knowledge for consumption by organisational leaders.


Through extensive research and thought leadership, Dr Wilson and Ms Ong advise organisations get more out of the data and information at their disposal by making consumption easier. Customised blended education programmes are brought to bear to help leaders ask the right questions and knowledge worker produce to be consumed rather than for the sake of publishing alone. Knowledge management execution services are provided when organisations need hands-on help from the global network of specialists and partners that come together to offer customised production services round the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Their academic research – carried out through a multi-year programme studying information management within a vast global organisational construct – demonstrated that age-old publishing techniques could help firms monetise their knowledge assets better while building organisational efficiencies in the process that can save them tens of millions of dollars every year.

Dr John P Wilson, Partner, Manage With Knowledge


Dr John P Wilson is a specialist with 40 years practical and academic experience of knowledge management, learning and development, and change initiatives. He has worked as a consultant with organisations from all occupational sectors and spent two years working in Sweden, and four years in Saudi Arabia for an oil company.


Dr Wilson directed a Masters in Education in Training and Development which ran in the UK, Ireland and Singapore. Dr Wilson was previously Continuing Professional Development Manager at the University of Oxford, where he continues to teach knowledge management and change courses. He also directed an European funded project developing training materials on emotional intelligence for contact centres employees and wrote The Call Centre Training Handbook: A complete guide to learning and development in contact centres.


Dr Wilson has written and edited eight other books including: International Human Resource Development: Learning and Training for Individuals and Organisations; Experiential Learning: A Best Practice Handbook for Trainers and Educators; The Routledge Encyclopaedia of Education, Training and Employment; and Dream! Your Life, Your Future.

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