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Our Philosophy

Effective knowledge management is the art of making science consumable

Good knowledge management is both the art and science of optimising data and information so they can be consumed efficiently by the human mind, drive good decision making, or even engender emotions and affect the heart.


Knowledge, whether good or bad, has been at the heart of every decision ever made since the evolution of human cognition. Knowledge born of experience led to the discovery of fire and the invention of the wheel. Knowledge born of careful observation led to a better understanding of humanity’s place in the universe. Knowledge born of experimentation has led to everything from modern medicine to rocket science.


Today the sum totality of humanity’s knowledge increases incalculably every day, is stored more efficiently than ever before, and is more accessible to a greater number of people than in the past. Ever. Knowledge is accumulated by computers in the form of data lakes and processed using advanced analytics algorithms. Yet, all the data, information and knowledge in the world is utterly useless they serve humanity through effective consumption, application, and further reflection by people.


Storytellers, writers and journalists have practiced effective knowledge management ever since the first shaman stood up and danced around a pre-historic campfire. Today, as better accumulation, analysis and understanding of data increasingly drive decision making, management decisions themselves are still made by humans. Humans who need to consume data and information in the form of stories — in one way or another — and then tell stories about the success or failure of those decisions.



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