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Manage With Knowledge




Manage With Knowledge specialises in helping organisations and their leaders
understand how to combine the hard science of data and information management
with the influencing skills of the successful storyteller and manage enterprises with knowledge-driven decision making. The firm also specialises in applying publishing industry best practices to solving the complex operational knowledge management
and communications problems faced by large global organisations.

Thought leadership and
advisory services


  • Enhance decision-making capabilities

  • Build learning organisations by making learning routine

  • Stimulate cultural change and innovation

  • Make sense of big data and information overload


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Customised blended learning
for leaders


We believe that the past 15 years of organisational obsession with purportedly cost-effective online courses has achieved little more than check-box-driven learning programmes and very little cognitive development.

Knowledge management execution services 


Knowledge is best absorbed by humans when all five senses are engaged simultaneously. Take one or more away and the efficacy of knowledge absorption is proportionately reduced.

Our Philosophy 


Good knowledge management is both the art and science of optimising data and information so they can be consumed efficiently by the human mind, drive good decision making, or even engender emotions and affect the heart.

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